Star Trek: Scientific Facts, techno-Nonsense, and Reality


The out-of-this-world technology found in Star Trek help creates the futuristic setting of the show. This plus the use of real physics, medical, legal, and other disciplinary specific terminology gave the show a realistic feel. This artful use of real terminology, that often very aptly applied, is one reason why Star Trek is so popular. At least this is the case for those of us who dream about the possibility offered by such technologies, look forward to the day when such technologies are with us, and hope for the prospect of a world approaching utopia.

Have you ever wonder about the wonderful and amazing technology found in Star Trek? Is the technology and science in the show nonsense or is it scientific fact? To put this in another way, what is the possibility of the technologies on the show ever becoming a reality?

The short answer is that there are some "truth" within the maze of technologies seen on Star Trek. Obviously in show-bis the producers have some degree of "artistic licence" to bend physical rules or laws to make the show resemble a science fiction and not a documentary show.

This site is an ongoing project to examine the technology and science found in Star Trek. It is based mainly around my own personal views on the matter. While no attempt is made to present a complete analysis of the science involved (nor am I qualified to do so), the facts contain in this site are true to all material respect to the best of my ability.

The information contain in this site will be updated as I become aware of relevant information. Do check this site out from time to time.

Please email me to give me some feedback, or, to let me know of any relevant development that I could include in this site. Indeed, I even welcome your contribution (which would be fully acknowledged should it be included in my web site).


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