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Introduction: Motivations and Backgrounds
Literature Reviews
Research Method
Discussion, Implications
Conclusion & Limitations

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This exploratory study examines the communication media choice of the chief financial officers (CFOs). Despite a substantial body of theories on media choice, inadequacies are apparent in the literature particularly in relation to modern communication technologies. A field study approach was adopted to explore some of these inadequacies and to study the media choice of subjects from a financial background.

Overall, within the limitations and confines of this exploratory study, this thesis has made the following contributions.

First, this thesis identifies and has demonstrated that the unduly narrow focus on task equivocality in prior media choice studies has undermined the studies' ability to explain the observed media choice. There is a need to consider the full range of task characteristics in explaining the communication media choice process. The findings are consistent with prior studies; but importantly, they have shown that the narrow focus of prior studies is not telling the full media choice story.

Second, drawing together ideas in the literature a broad overview of the media choice process is developed into a comprehensive framework. A novel aspects of this framework is, as supported by the findings of this study, that the basic constituents of transaction cost economics are applicable to explain media choice.

Third, this thesis provides evidence suggesting that modern communication technologies have augmented the informal communication process in organizations.

This thesis is undertaken as part of the requirements for the award of honours degree in Commerce (Accounting) of the University of NSW, Australia.


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