Internet Commerce: Control of Encryption?

by Raymond Yu
26th May, 1996.

A Synopsis

The open nature of the internet is responsible for its inter-connectability, and recent explosion in the popularity of cyberspace in global communication. Businesses are rushing to join this new cyberspace club, hoping to capitalise on the vast world market. However, because the system is open, security is a major concern: the perceived security risks of conducting business-to-business transactions or deals on the internet is seen as high. This factor inhibits the attractiveness of the internet as a medium of conducting business deals- the process of negotiations, discussion and entry into agreement.

With the availability of powerful cryptographic technologies to the average PC users, a means to tackle this security problem is here. However, the concerns is that government, based on law enforcement and national security arguments, have a tendency to intervene too much with the choice and development of cryptographic technologies. This is unwarranted. Cryptographic technologies laid the foundation for security on the internet. And any attempt to somehow control it, would more likely than not be counterproductive. The choice and development of encryption should be left in the hand of the public and to the operation of market forces.

Table of Content

The Security Problem

Encryption: the Backbone of Internet Commerce

Freedom to Choose and Develop Cryptographic Technology


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