Protection of Content Providers' Rights in the Digital Era

by Raymond Yu
27th September, 1996.


The information revolution that is currently upon the world has certainly much to offers to society. In this digital era data, images, sound, video, etc, are represented by digital impulses. Consequently, illegal copying, modification, erasure can occur at a scale and pace that is previously unknown. This fact brings into focus the concern about the protection of content providers' rights in this digital medium. The existing regime is inadequate to offer sufficient protection. This paper submits that the better solution is not to rely on copyright law alone, in that it is bound to fail given that the inherent nature of the medium ensures that effective enforcement is an illusory goal. Moreover, in the digital era the benefits of multimedia to society need to be considered and balanced with the right of the content providers. The preferable approach is to establish a collective licencing regime.

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Modified on: 26th September, 1996.
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