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Monday, July 13, 2020

A Story of a Web Page
1st October, 1998

Often, when we look at familiar things from different perspective things can be learnt and new insight gained. Indeed, Sometime this is just plain fun. This is a story of a web page narrated from its own perspective.

The Birth

In the beginning there was nothing. I did not exist.

My parents think, therefore I am. The idea that sprang forth at that brief instant formed the seed of my life.

Once conceived, I was nurtured in the womb. The gestation period for my species is a bit unusual. Unlike other biological entity my specie have a variable gestation period. For me it is about a month.

During this period, my form and structure gradually took shape. I was given substance and meaning. Information and ideas are my life-blood, the sustenance of my life. I grew up quickly. Soon I was ready to join my own clan in Cyberspace.

On birth, I weighted in at 20K. Fairly average.

My Appearance

As with all new borne I look fairly cute but was stark naked. Black text on a gray background was what I look like then.

My parents love me. They don't want me to catch a cold, so soon after my birth they started giving me more clothing to wear. I suspect another reason is that it makes them look good too. Ok, may be I am too cynical.

At that stage I looked terrible. It was embarrassing actually. I couldn't bear to show my face outside my home. My parents are totally oblivious to this fact.

No, don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming my parents because I know they are new to this game of dressing children up. I am their first born afterall. At this stage they naturally like to experiment, trying out different colors, style, brands, etc. I persevere.

Lucky for me their taste soon improve. And as I become more mature my parent start to respect my choice as well. The clothes now fit with my personality.

Nowadays, I like to wear the brand name "GIF" best. It may not be of as high a quality as "JPEG", but it is lightweight. It is ideal for causal wear. Since I travel around a lot excess baggage are not good. Some of my host certainly would not like it.

I heard there is a new line of clothing. It is called "PNG", I think. My cousins who have tried it out say it is pretty cool stuff. I am looking forward to the day when my parents brought me some. They are a bit slow when it comes to the latest fashion trend. I must remember to remind them. Wonder whether they will listen though.

But they do give me plenty of accessories. I really like the fashionable designer wear, JavaScript and CSS. It makes me feel so much like an individual. It really sets me apart from my other relatives.

I know I should be contented with what I have already. Yet, sometimes I can't help but to feel jealous of my cousin (yeap, it's the same guy with the PNG clothing) who sports the latest JAVA accessory. He is really popular too I have heard; everyone want to see him.

My Home

My parents have a nice little apartment in a fairly cozy suburb. It is soundly constructed and maintained by a fairly reputable "ISP".

The apartment may not be luxurious, but it does have adequate security to make me feel fully at ease. Only my parents have the keys to the place. True that the ISP can enter my home should they wanted to as they have the master-key to all the apartments in the development, I was assured by them that they can be trusted. Well, at least my parents trust them.

Inside my home I know I would be safe from most nasties, the "hackers" that may want to kill or inflict harm on me. These days there are lots of nasties around. While most are just plain delinquents that just what to have fun, there are a few hard core criminal types around too.

My Daily Life

My daily life involves an endless series of travel.

I have the freedom to go to every place in the world. There is really no limit.

More highways are being built and new suburb, town, country are being developed all the time. My world is getting bigger and more exciting.

I am fortunate in this regard compared to some of my distant cousins who are confined within their own suburb. They are not allowed to get out. If they tried, the "Firewall" surrounding the suburb will just burn them. I feel sorry for them.

As a house rule, I would not be allowed to go anywhere unless I am invited. So if no one invite me I would be trapped indoor all the time. Fortunately, many people knew me. I believe they called themselves "surfers". Having my names listed on the many directories around the place helps.

The Transport

The trip to the surfer's home is always fun. I never know by which route I will get there.

The highway system is well develop. It is possible to get from one place to another via literally hundred of thousands of ways. It is usually fairly fast too. Of course, occasionally, there are times when traffic jam develops, especially during peak hours.

The transport technology is advance stuff. It functions sort of like the Transporter in STAR TREK. Essentially, during the transportation process, I would be broken down into tiny bits and pieces. These fragments of me (this makes me sound pretty dead doesn't it) are then "beamed" to the destination. On arrival, my fragments are put back together.

Although, it is not painful, I must admit this process is very scary the first time.

My Fear

Not only is there a danger that I would not be put back right, an even bigger concern is that part of me could go missing. You see, my fragments do not necessarily all go by the same route. With the hundreds and thousands of routes possible, part of me could well get lost, damage, or even hijacked along the way. Not a pleasant thought.

Fortunately, the transport system is designed to cope with such situation. In this regard, I am rather special too because, unlike other lesser lifeform, I have a regenerative ability. If any bits of me do get lost or damage I can always regenerate that portion. I seem invincible donŐt I.

Am I immortal? Not quite.

My worst fear is that my parents will one day abundant me, leaving me wither and die slowly. When I stop growing, fewer and fewer people would invite me to visit them. I become trapped in my own home. This would deprive me of my much-needed exercise, and then gradually I would be forgotten by the rest of cyberspace.

I am currently very healthy. So long that my parents nourish me I will keep on growing. Indeed, I may even evolve to something better in the years to come.

Please, Mum, Dad, don't abundant me. And any surfers that are listening please keep inviting me.





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