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Tuesday, October 27, 2020


A collection of things written by me.

Accounting Honours Thesis

Some Papers on Taxation Issues

E-Commerce: Relevance of Source and Residence Rules [This is a PDF file]

Characterisation of e-Commerce Transactions: A Review of TAG Final Report on Tax Treaty Characterisation [This is a PDF file]

Trust Resettlement: The Law and ATO's Statement of Principles [This is a PDF file]

Non-Residents and Capital Gains Tax: An Examination of the Theory and Practical Operation of the Rules [This is a PDF file]

Tax Losses: An Examination of the Landscape Pre and Post Consolidation [This is a PDF file]

Commissioner of Taxation and Equal Priorities in Insolvency: A Review [This is a PDF file]

Division 152: Is it Achieving Anything? [This is a PDF file]

Legal Issues

A New Challenge to Securities Regulation: Dissemination of Information on the Internet

Dispute Resolution in the People's Republic of China

Internet Commerce: Control of Encryption?

Protection of Content Provider's Right in the Digitial Era


Computer Articles of Long Ago

Privacy on the Internet and Cryptography

Copyright on the Internet

Publishing on the Web: What should you not say?

Style Sheet on the Web

A Review of Netscape Communicator

Digital Camera

Review of PGP 5.0/ 5.5.1

A Review of Hex Web CSS Edit

eXtensible Markup Language

JavaScript Techniques No. 1

JavaScript Techniques No. 2

A Story of a Web Page

Web: A Review [1998]

Review of Dreamweaver 2