Raymond Yu

About this Site

It is about me. It is not about any topics in particular; this site has no specific agenda or goal. Nor is it comprehensive. It is just purely random things that I care to put here.

This personal webpage began some 15 plus years ago, as a hobby and out of pure personal interest. It is a 'space' or online playground for me to explore this thing called the internet and various web technologies. I am absolutely fascinated by web technologies and all the possibilities that such technologies could realize. I have witnessed its rapid transformation, from learning about HTML 1.0 and using the then quite popular Netscape Navigator browser in my university days, to now learning about the upcoming HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0. This is so fun. Alas, there never seem enough time to learn it all.

As it turned out an important part of this site is about my belief - my journey to become a Christian. When I started this website I was not a Christian and, indeed, any suggestions that I would one day belief in a religion (not just Christianity) would have been laughable at that time. I was too objective and scientifically minded for this to be so, and so I thought.

The part of the site about my belief is now powered by WordPress. Why? A few years ago, I suddenly wanted to learn about WordPress, but it is a bit pointless to install WordPress and then have no content! I need some content to put in it. And what better source than what I have already. So I transfer what I have already (in plain HTML) and put it into a WordPress database.

Overtime, I also have used this web page to house my various written stuffs - papers and articles. The subject matters are split between two completely different categories: legal/ taxation and computer. The former is my formal university training and post-university qualification. The latter is my interest, most of which are from my pre-universe and early university days, when I still have time to explore such things. Sadly, after graduation and after starting to work in the legal/ taxation field, there was no time to pursue such things even though I really wanted to.

Recent Change

This changed in recent times. Without going into the specifics, due to circumstances beyond my control an opportunity has arisen for me to reinvent my career and life. I have decided to put aside my legal/ taxation career and, instead, to pursue something that I have always interested in - computer, internet and technologies. This path may go nowhere, but I won't know if I don't try.

Some people has expressed to me that this is a courageous move. May be it is. But then again some would think that this is a foolish endeavor, although no one has so far said so to me. Perhaps people are just too nice to say so. Whatever people may think, it is unimportant. To me and in my position (and you don't really know my position, which I won't go into here), I want to pursue something that I am deeply passionate about and seriously interested in.

The decision to do so had not been easy as I was swapping certainty and not insignificant financial benefits with uncertainty and financial uncertainty. In a way I felt that this option was given to me for a reason, although I do not yet know what it is. God has always been guiding and shaping my life, even though I may not always acknowledged it or even aware of it, He has given me this opportunity and has led me down this path for a reason. I can only keep going and try, and see where this lead me.

After working for over 12 years in legal/ taxation, I was getting very disillusioned about many things, I became increasingly frustrated and questioned the purpose of what I was doing. I obtained less and less joy out of what I was doing. I became increasingly unmotivated. Worst of all, the time commitment required to keep up with the changes in tax law has meant that I have almost no time to pursue my interests in computer, internet and technologies. More importantly, increasingly, I wish to do something that could make a real difference, rather than sitting in an office pursuing purely monetary gains or doing things that benefit just a selected few (often the privileged members of society) - it simply felt as if there is no real purpose to what I was doing.

I founded a company, Absolute Ripple Pty Ltd, to undertake this new direction. Does the name mean anything? First, the abbreviation is 'AR' which is the first character of my wife first name and my first name. We spent quite some time searching for words that give such an abbreviation and also have a meaning. The word 'absolute' connotes certainty which is an important quality to have when delivering products or services. Importantly, it also echoes our Christian belief as God is absolute, there is only one God, one faith and one truth. The word 'ripple' gives an image of continuous expansion which is something one wishes a business to do. Also, it captures the Christian teaching that we should outreach and evangelize - I.e. to spread the word of God.