Science and Religion

“Science is inconsistent with religious belief. The two are mutually exclusive.”

“Religion is not for rational people. Such a person wouldn’t possibly believe in a God.”

These statements echo my thoughts before I came to understand the matter differently.

More often than not, our first and foremost reaction, or gut feeling, is that science is inconsistent with theism. This is an unfortunate situation. Not only is this common opinion or “feeling” inaccurate upon analysis, it is itself nothing more than a mere “feeling”, one that is unfounded or based on unsupported perceptions.

The inconsistency between science and theism is merely an apparent one. Deeper reflection and deeper understanding of both science and the message within Christianity, reveal a convergence of ideas. By message within Christianity it is meant that the word of God as spelt out in and through the Bible, and not how man interpret it to mean, nor artificial rules, constraints imposed or invented by men acting on his own. That is, it is important not to view and evaluate Christianity through a tainted worldview.

Once we are liberated from the constraint of our preexisting worldview, it is amazing to see the consistency and parallel between science and the words of God. In retrospect, my previous thinking is very naive indeed.

Further, the off-handed dismissal of theism and unquestioned acceptance of science is not even logical, if not irrational, in that both theism and atheism is a function of a person’s assumptions. It is sad that most people believe such an inconsistency exists without actually going out to check its veracity let alone question its underlying premise.

This section provides a summary of some of my thinking, as well as those of many learned authors, in relation to science and Christianity. It is divided into the following subsections: (not necessarily in any particular order)


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