Religious Experience

Religious experience is a funny thing. It is something that is very real to you; yet when you try to put it into words it is insanely difficult, and indeed impossible. To a person who does not share the experience it is at best a fantastic story where the meaning ahs been grossly distorted and exaggerated, or, it is at worst a collection of meaningless rubbish.

Religious experience, or any other experience for that matter, is indescribable. Ultimately, it can only be experienced. The experience involves a range of feelings and personal intuitions, that are by their very nature abstract and hence transcend what mere rational words, languages can capture. The attempt to use words to describe it is but a very crude “schematisation” of the actual experience (Otto, R. (1917)).

It is only after you have been through the experience that you can appreciate what has happened. You have seen the light so to speak. On this basis it can be said that religious belief is not something that can be acquired by logic or rational argument alone. The important aspect is that the person needs to experience this thing (whatever it is) himself or herself. To this end, action on the part of the person is required.





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