The Early Years

My first exposure to Christianity in the form of its teaching (not just social events like Christmas or Easter) is probably during primary school. I attended a Methodist primary school in Hong Kong. I learnt the Christian teachings through one of the compulsory subject. There is nothing particularly exciting about it. It is no different to any other subject like mathematics, English or Chinese. In other words, I saw it as just another subject to study, some information to memorise! Indeed, it is even more boring that other subjects as there is no real use for what I learnt in class. And I have no doubt the teachings are forgotten as soon as the exam is over (and may be even before that as I was never a good student back then).

That was in Hong Kong. Around Year 5 we migrated to Australia.

During my teenage years I was dragged along to church by my mum. She was not a Christian when we first came to Australia, but she later became one. At that age I have no choice but to go with her, not willingly of course. I attended church services and even went to Sunday school. At no stage did I ever get involve with the religious side; the teachings have never really sunk in. I have not learnt anything from it, except may be a few typical biblical stories along the way. I went because I have to; it is just one of thing we do on a Sunday.

This went on for a few years. Then I stopped going. There are number of reasons for this. The main reason is because Christianity, and religion in general, simply did not interest me. My interest and understanding (which I now realize as limited and naïve) of modern science have put me at odds with the Bible. I could see no basis for the Bible; to me it was unscientific and irrational and that means I would have nothing to do with it.

Further, on the social dimension, there was nothing holding me onto the church. I simply did not quite fit in to the church environment. I did not know why this is the case. May be my dislike of Christianity make it hard to mix in with the rest of the congregations. May be my interests, background is different to the other church goers. May be it is hard to break into the pre-existing social groups that do not seem to welcome ‘outsider’, or may be it is simply just my anti-social self!

In retrospect, the time is just not right.


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