Raymond Yu


Here are some old materials that I no longer maintain. I am keeping them here for archival purposes only and I didn't really want to delete them!


Accounting Honours Thesis

Taxation Issues

E-Commerce: Relevance of Source and Residence Rules [This is a PDF file]

Characterisation of e-Commerce Transactions: A Review of TAG Final Report on Tax Treaty Characterisation [This is a PDF file]

Trust Resettlement: The Law and ATO's Statement of Principles [This is a PDF file]

Non-Residents and Capital Gains Tax: An Examination of the Theory and Practical Operation of the Rules [This is a PDF file]

Tax Losses: An Examination of the Landscape Pre and Post Consolidation [This is a PDF file]

Commissioner of Taxation and Equal Priorities in Insolvency: A Review [This is a PDF file]

Division 152: Is it Achieving Anything? [This is a PDF file]

Legal Issues

A New Challenge to Securities Regulation: Dissemination of Information on the Internet

Dispute Resolution in the People's Republic of China

Internet Commerce: Control of Encryption?

Protection of Content Provider's Right in the Digitial Era

Very old Computer Articles

Privacy on the Internet and Cryptography

Copyright on the Internet

Publishing on the Web: What should you not say?

Style Sheet on the Web

A Review of Netscape Communicator

Digital Camera

Review of PGP 5.0/ 5.5.1

A Review of Hex Web CSS Edit

eXtensible Markup Language

JavaScript Techniques No. 1

JavaScript Techniques No. 2

A Story of a Web Page

Web: A Review [1998]

Review of Dreamweaver 2

Star Trek

An old web site about the science and technology of Star Trek